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  1. From the pages of Practical Boat Owner magazine – our pick of the best Christmas gift ideas for the boat owner in your life

    Finding decent Christmas gifts for boat owners on a budget is an unenviably tricky task, but luckily Practical Boat Owner …Continue reading »
  2. Over 70 ARC+ yachts celebrate their transatlantic crossing, whilst one is diverted to Antigua after a medical emergency. 

    The crew of Piment Rouge celebrate their arrival in Grenada on the ARC+ 22
    Alika, the largest yacht in the fleet, experienced sudden loss of steering on 21 November, throwing two crew off balance, …Continue reading »
  3. There’s no need to send an inflatable tender to landfill when the floor or transom comes unstuck. Jake Frith explains his method for inflatable boat repair…

    The Zodiac passing the ‘stand up in the middle and jump about’ test. Not bad for a 1992 boat with DIY re-glued floor!
    The ‘service life’ of the adhesive used to attach floors and transoms to the tube collars of most small inflatable …Continue reading »
  4. Two years after he built it, engineer Andy Pag shares some surprising lessons about the performance of his lithium domestic battery setup…

    Andy Pag’s Lagoon 410 Cushla
    All our energy needs, for two of us, living full-time aboard Cushla for the past two years have been met …Continue reading »
  5. PBO reader Gunter Bock wants to know what’s causing his smoking boat engine. Our expert has this advice…

    A smoking engine might be as a result of a clogged exhaust elbow. Photo: Kay Roxby/Alamy
    Gunter Bock from Norway writes: “I read in PBO’s November 2021 issue about exhaust elbow problems. You recommended replacing the …Continue reading »
  6. PBO reader Brian Williams wants to know whether he can re-activate copper antifoul after 3 years of use? Our expert has this advice…

    Copper-based antifouls such as Coppercoat needscareful preparation for maximum effectiveness
    Brian Williams writes: “I read with great interest the article on different antifouling treatments in the May 2021 edition of …Continue reading »
  7. Ali Wood meets aquatic bodyworker Helena Eflerová to find out what else the sea has to offer for cold water swimmers

    “My grandfather taught me to enjoy cold water dips,” says Helena, shouting over the noise of the surf. “I used …Continue reading »
  8. Our resident YouTube aficionado catches up with Sailing La Vagabonde to see why they’ve managed to maintain their seemingly unassailable position at the top of the sailing vlog pyramid

    Our resident YouTube aficionado catches up with Sailing La Vagabond to see why they’ve managed to maintain their seemingly unassailable position at the top of the sailing vlog pyramid
  9. A north easterly swell meant a rolly and uncomfortable start for the 138 yachts taking part in this year's Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

    The hard top makes cruising much more comfortable on Hallberg-Rassy Circe
    The fleet departed Las Palmas, Gran Canaria yesterday for Saint Lucia on the 37th edition of the ARC, with over …Continue reading »
  10. US scuba diver and skipper Lada Simek shares some hard-earned advice on anchoring a boat…

    Successful anchoring depends almost entirely on what the seabed is like. Photo: Vyv Cox
    Drifting in a hot air balloon over variable terrain and needing to drop an anchor, you’d surely try to select …Continue reading »